'Truth or Consequences - Alternate Versions' LP (Tangerine Vinyl)

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The World Health Organisation declared a pandemic on March 12th, the day before the release of Yumi Zouma’s third album, 'Truth or Consequences'. The band had arrived in the United States for what was set to be their first ever fully sold-out US tour. But by the time they finished their set on the opening night in Washington DC, restrictions had been enacted across the US, and all remaining tour dates had been cancelled.

After returning home and adjusting to our new way of life, the band quickly started to miss exploring their new songs and playing them live. After practicing for weeks, they had missed out on a crucial part of an album release with no idea of when they might next get the chance to perform. The band felt compelled to spend the downtime writing, but felt an unresolved connection to their new record that they waited so long to release.

This inspired the band to re-envision the works of 'Truth or Consequences' - flipping each song on its head by changing key signatures, tempos, instrumentation, and feel, just as they would live on stage. 'Truth or Consequences - Alternate Versions' is the culmination of that process, and a collection of ten new arrangements that reflect a desire to keep exploring.

The LP is pressed on transparent tangerine vinyl, and features an embossed inner sleeve.


1. Lonely After (Alternate Version)
2. Right Track / Wrong Man (Alternate Version)
3. Southwark (Alternate Version)
4. Sage (Alternate Version)
5. Mirror To The Fire (Alternate Version)
6. Cool For A Second (Alternate Version)
7. Truer Than Ever (Alternate Version)
8. My Palms Are Your Reference To Hold To Your Heart (Alternate Version)
9. Magazine Bay (Alternate Version)
10. Lie Like You Want Me Back (Alternate Version)